Good morning world and all who inhabit it


By coming to this site, you have just increased your IQ by nine points, raised your athletic ability, and women will find you 23 percent more attractive. I’ll give the proof for this later.

If you still need more reasons to read this blog, I guess I’ll have to mention the awesome sports coverage that will be provided. (If you haven’t read the About yet, I suggest you do so now.) There will be a large number of reactions to games and events, but also discussion of smaller things, such as, but not limited to: trades, signings (or for Buffalo’s sake, not signings), game changing plays, referees’ calls, broadcasters’ calls, or whatever miniscule aspect of sports catches my attention.

It’s going to be a fun site, and you will think intelligently and critically on sports. That is how your IQ will be raised, by reading and doing some hard thinking in a time when you could be sleeping or watching mindless YouTube videos. By being around sports and understanding their complexities, you will gain an increased knowledge of sports, one that is vastly superior to friends. Thus, by becoming a smarter sports fan, you will believe yourself to be a sports aficionado, which will raise your confidence on the field and therefore make you a better athlete. And finally, now that you are a stud competitor, you will be irresistable to women. They say chicks dig scars, but let’s face it, the losing team’s going home alone.

If this logic can’t get you to come back to this blog, I don’t know what will. Go up and favorite this site right now so you don’t forget it. I’ll work on the posts, you work on coming back and commenting. See you in the winner’s circle.

It’s always Game Seven. Go Buffalo.