All-Star Game quiz -plus- Remembering George Steinbrenner

As you watch the All-Star Game tonight, test your knowledge of some ASG trivia. Thirteen questions for the game on the 13th day of July. Answers are at the end… no cheating. 

1.) When was the last year the National League won the ASG? 

-What was the score? 

-Who was the winning pitcher? 

2.) What player was selected to the most All-Star teams? 

3.) Who was the last pitcher to win ASG MVP? 

4.) True or False? A first basemen has never been an ASG MVP. 

5.) True or False? The ASG used to be a double-header. 

6.) More recent history: What was the score of last year’s ASG? 

-Where was it played? 

7.) Which league leads the all-time series in ASGs? 

8.) True or False? Canada has hosted multiple ASGs. 

9.) True or False? The AL’s 13-year undefeated streak is a record for ASGs. 

10.) The first ASG MVP award was awarded in what year? 

11.) Since the ASG has decided home-field advantage in the World Series, how many World Series has the NL won? (hint: they haven’t won an ASG since) 

12.) What is the biggest blowout in ASG history? 

13.) Who won the first ASG? 

-Where was it held? 

David Ortiz won the Home Run Derby last night

ANSWERS:  Comment your score, we’ll see who wins.

 1.) 1996, 6-0, John Smoltz 

2.) Hank Aaron, 21 times 

3.) Pedro Martinez, Boston, 1999 

4.) False. Most recently Fred McGriff in 1994, also Steve Garvey (twice) and Willie McCovey 

5.) True. Last in 1962 

 6.) 4-3 American League, Busch Stadium in St. Louis 

7.) National League, 40-38 (two ties) 

8.) True. Toronto in ’91 and Montreal in ’82 

9.) True. Due to the tie in 2002, the American League has 12 wins in the last 13 years, which is a longer undefeated streak than the NL’s 11-year streak from ’72-’82 

10.) 1962 

11.) Three of seven; Florida in ’03, St. Louis in ’06, and Philadelphia in ’08 

12.) The AL won 12-0 in Boston in 1946 

13.) The AL won the first ever ASG, 4-2 in 1933. Held in Comiskey Park in Chicago 


In other baseball news, today Major League Baseball and the New York Yankees mourn the loss of longtime owner George Steinbrenner, who died early this morning due to a massive heart attack. He was 80-years-old. During his tenure, the Yankees were seven-time World Series champions and captured 11 American League pennants. 

In 1973 Steinbrenner was the leader of a group who purchased the club from CBS for $10 million. Today, they are worth an estimated $1.3 billion. Steinbrenner will be remembered for changing the owner’s role in the game, virtually creating competition for free agents, and making the New York Yankees the global, iconic figure they are today. Whether he’s the reason you love the Yankees or you hate them, everyone in the game respects what he did for Major League Baseball. 

Ownership and control of the team have been passed to his sons, Hal and Hank, in recent times while George was in declining health. Yankee players in tonight’s All-Star Game will wear black armbands in remembrance. 

Longtime Yankees PA announcer Bob Sheppard also recently passed away at age 99.


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