Week 2 review

Remember the last time you were sick? Like really sick. You sat in bed all day and didn’t move. You just wanted to sleep and sleep and not wake up until it was better. Who knows, maybe you even threw up a little bit. Watching the Bills game this week felt a lot like that.

So that’s the bad news. The worse news is there’s no cure in sight… but after a decade of this, that’s not really “news” anymore.

The game against the Patriots this Sunday will most likely be just as ugly, and you know Belichick will be out for blood after getting embarrassed by the Jets last week. Ryan Fitzpatrick is at the helm, but I’m not sure how much faith I have in a guy who lost out to Trent in camp. I have plenty to say about the Trent situation, but that’s later to come.

Fitzpatrick hasn't lost for the Bills... yet... this season

Tough week for picks. Picked plenty of winners, but the spread killed me.

GREEN BAY (-13) over Buffalo
Packers 34-7. Win

Kansas City (+1.5) over CLEVELAND
Chiefs 16-14. Win

CINCINNATI (+2) over Baltimore
Bengals 15-10. Win

TENNESSEE (-5) over Pittsburgh
Steelers 19-11. Loss

Philadelphia (-6) over DETROIT
Eagles 35-32. Loss

DALLAS (-7.5) over Chicago
Bears 27-20. Loss

CAROLINA (-3.5) over Tampa Bay
Bucs 20-7. Loss

Arizona (+6.5) over ATLANTA
Falcons 41-7. Loss

MINNESOTA (-5.5) over Miami
Dolphins 14-10. Loss

OAKLAND (-3.5) over St. Louis
Raiders 16-14. Loss

DENVER (-3.5) over Seattle
Broncos 31-14. Win

Houston (-3) over WASHINGTON (best bet)
Texans 30-27. Push

Jacksonville (+7) over SAN DIEGO
Chargers 38-13. Loss

New England (-2.5) over NYJ
Jets 28-14. Loss

NY Giants (+5.5) over INDIANAPOLIS
Colts 38-14. Loss

New Orleans (-5.5) over SAN FRANCISCO
Saints 25-22. Loss

Yikes. A 4-11-1 week is rough on the confidence. I generally have a good feeling of how the games will go, but these lines are majorly throwing me off. On the other hand, I just played a season of NFL football, and accumulated what would be a fantastic record for the Bills.