Athletes going pink for breast cancer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve noticed many athletes are sporting some pink for breast cancer month. Sometimes the colors clash a little bit, but for the most part I think the floral accents look pretty nice.

Although it’s mostly football players mixing and matching colored accessories, Rick DiPietro has some AWESOME pinkĀ goalie equipment.

The NHL tweeted about his pads earlier today, and added he will wear them in games–as soon as he breaks them in. It’s not just leg pads though, DiPietro ordered a whole set.

Those look awesome. I would wear those. I always wanted to be a goalie when I was little, I just wasn’t good enough. Any chance I get though I strap on the pads.

Here’s some other cool shots of players in the NFL going pink:

That's Jerricho Cotchery wearing pink for the Jets

An NFL game ball with the breast cancer pink ribbon logo

Ryan Sims of Tampa Bay kneels by a pink goal post cover


3 thoughts on “Athletes going pink for breast cancer

  1. I think the coolest example of breast cancer awareness in sports is hockey’s Pink The Rink. I first noticed it while I was attending SUNY Fredonia games at Steele Hall (who kind of innovated the idea), but now it’s everywhere. I love it. Specialized pink uniforms for the home or sometimes both teams, promotional pink tees, it’s awesome.

    Unfortunately, I hate how much breast cancer gets talked about versus other, less glamourous, more lethal varieties of cancer such as pancreatic cancer. Of course, it’s hard to popularize a cause for a gland as it is for a pair of boobs. All this breast cancer awareness is on the right step, but it needs to go further.

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