Something you never knew about Angels in the Outfield

Yesterday I came across a stat that blew my mind. It wasn’t a percentage or record or anything like that, just a fact I couldn’t believe. I checked it three times to make sure it was right.

Matthew McConaughey was in “Angels in the Outfield.”

That’s what I look like with my shirt off in the locker room, too.

It all started last night when I was getting ready for bed. I looked at the clock — 11:30 p.m. — and wondered if it was actually possible for a sports-rabid college student to be in bed before midnight. “It could happen,” I thought.

I don’t know why, but J.P. from “Angels in the Outfield” popped into my head. I wanted to find a video of him saying “It could happen,” and post it on Facebook.

I got caught up reliving some childhood glory days, and watched nearly the entire movie on YouTube.

I thought I saw a familiar face out there. It looked like a young Matthew McConaughey in that Angels uniform, but that couldn’t be. I scrolled down the page a little and saw the tags the person who uploaded the video had used. Lo(w) and behold, “McConaughey” was one of them.

I couldn’t believe it. A quick check on IMDb confirmed. Angels in the Outfield was one of McConaughey’s first ever movies. He played Ben Williams, an outfielder for the Angels. Williams didn’t appear much in the movie, but as shown above, he is recognizable as McConaughey– even with a hat on.

If you are still skeptical, see for yourself:

(Skip to 6:20. Appears to be the center fielder.)

3 thoughts on “Something you never knew about Angels in the Outfield

  1. I loved that movie when I was little! Was quite mesmerized by MMC as a ten year old and recognized him straight away in other movies when his career got on a rise…

    So yeah, no surprises there 😉

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