Week 8 NFL picks

Last week’s Bills game hurt. Going up big, only to end up losing brought back memories of other heartbreakers like the Monday night games against Dallas and New Engl

(Excuse me for a moment while I wipe those tears away)

Okay all better. Anyway, the difference between those games and the Baltimore game was, well, this game doesn’t exactly matter. We aren’t in the race for a division title, and even if we won out we probably still wouldn’t make the playoffs.

I’ve said it one hundred times and I’ll say it again: I don’t care about the results. I just want to see improvement. The Ryan Fitzpatrick-run offense (or rather, the Chan Gailey operated offense) is working. I know it’s a small sample size, but moving the ball that well against Baltimore’s defense didn’t go unnoticed around the league. Thirty four points allowed was the most for the Ravens all season.

Stats I like:

–Ryan Fitzpatrick was the game’s leading passer (382 yards), Stevie Johnson was the game’s leading receiver (158) and Fred Jackson was the game’s leading rusher (73). The last time the Bills had the game’s top passer, rusher and receiver was last year’s 31-7 win over Indianapolis. The last time we had all three and lost? Week 17 of 2008, a 13-0 loss to New England.

–The win marked the first time in the last 60 games that a Bills’ QB had thrown for 300 yards.

–Ryan Fitzpatrick is second in the NFL in passer rating. Check it out below.
Passer rating leaders:
Peyton Manning 103.4
Ryan Fitzpatrick 102.0
Vince Young 98.8
Philip Rivers 97.8
Tom Brady 96.0 

–Bills went 11-for-17 on third down, while holding Baltimore to 2-of-11.

Stats I don’t like:

–Bills gave up 4.6 yards per carry.

–Buffalo was outscored 14-0 in the third quarter, bringing the season total in the third quarter to 77-14.

–Ravens tight end Todd Heap had 59 yards and two touchdowns. Statistically, the Bills are the worst team in the NFL at defending tight ends. Fantasy points for tight ends playing the Bills this year are as follows: 4, 10, 17, 14, 18, [bye week], 17. 

Stat I am indifferent to:

The last overtime game for the Bills Oct. 18, 2009 (Week 6) at the Jets, where the Bills pulled out a 16-13 win. That was the game Buffalo came up with six interceptions.

Hopefully the Bills can get their first win of the season this week at Kansas City. The Chiefs are playing well this year (4-2, first in AFC West), and ran up the score last week at home versus Jacksonville. If the Bills can slay KC’s two-headed running monster, they have shot.

Week 8 picks:

Bills (+7 1/2) at Kansas City–Heck, give me the Bills.  

Denver (+1) vs. San Francisco–Both teams could use a change of scenery, but England is pushing it. I’ll take Mike Singletary to get his guys’ heads where they need to be. 49ers.

Jacksonville (+6 1/2) at Dallas–Jacksonville

Washington (+2 1/2) at Detroit–Washington

Green Bay (+6) at Jets–Jets

Carolina (+3) at St. Louis–Panthers

Miami (+2) at Cincinnati–Miami

Tennessee (+3 1/2) at San Diego–Titans

Tampa Bay (+3) at Arizona–Bucs

Seattle (+2 1/2) at Oakland–Oakland scored the most points in franchise history last week and still can’t get any love. I’ll give them some. Raiders.

Minnesota (+5) at New England–Pats

Pittsburgh (+1) at New Orleans–Pittsburgh

Houston (+5 1/2) at Indianapolis–Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning at night. Peyton Manning at night against a division rival. Peyton Manning at night against a division rival who already beat him this year. You know what? Give me Houston.

Season Standings (best bets)
Sullivan: 54-45-4 (4-3)
Northrop: 52-47-4 (5-2)
DiCesare: 49-50-4 (3-4)
McKissic: 48-51-4 (3-4)
Wilson: 45-54-4 (4-3)
Gaughan: 44-55-4 (5-2)
Game Seven 34-65-4 (4-2-1)

It’s going to be a dramatic comeback.


Week 7 picks
Bills (+13) at Baltimore–Ravens.
Baltimore 37-34. Loss
Pittsburgh at Miami (+3)–Steelers
Pittsburgh 23-22. Loss
Cincinnati (+3 1/2) at Atlanta–Bengals
Falcons 39-23. Loss
Jacksonville (+4 1/2) at Kansas City–Chiefs (best bet)
KC 42-20. Win
Philadelphia (+3) at Tennessee–Eagles
Tennessee 37-19. Loss
Washington (+3) at Chicago–Redskins
Washington 17-14. Win
Cleveland (+13) at New Orleans–Saints
Browns 30-17. Loss
San Francisco at Carolina (+3)–49ers
Panthers 23-20. Loss
St. Louis (+2 1/2) at Tampa Bay–Rams
Tampa 18-17. Win
Arizona (+5 1/2) at Seattle–Seahawks
Seattle 22-10. Win
New England (+3) at San Diego–Patriots
Pats 23-20. Win
Oakland (+7) at Denver–Broncos
Raiders 59-14. Loss
Minnesota (+3) at Green Bay–Vikings
Packers 28-24. Loss
Giants (+3) at Dallas–Giants
Giants 41-35. Win