Frazier’s first half double-double paces Griffs

It may just be an exhibition, but there are plenty of things to read into after one half of play, which has Canisius leading Buffalo State, 49-41.

For those awaiting the Marial Dhal experience this year, don’t hold your breath. While I expect head coach Tom Parrotta to get everyone in the game today, Dhal’s back injury may keep him from playing; he didn’t see the floor in the first half. Ten other Griffs saw action.

While there was plenty of confusion to go around for both teams, the Griffs looked really out of sync on offense. Gaby Belardo seemed to be rushing things early on, but he really turned up the tempo down the stretch.

Julius Coles shot just 1-for-4 from the floor and played only nine minutes.

It’s been the Elton Frazier show thus far through the game. He has 15 points and 14 boards in 16 minutes of action.  He also has two blocked shots and two steals. And when Frazier blocks a shot, he does it emphatically. He has more ups than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Greg Logins is 4-for-5 shooting and has 11 points.

Buff State’s Jake Simmons is 5-of-8 shooting for 15 points.

Buffalo State is a Division III school, but 49 points in a single half surpasses last season’s high.