Week 10 NFL picks

This week’s Bills game is blacked out on local television. There are cheap tickets floating around, but I’ll be in Syracuse to see the Canisius basketball team take on the Orange. How tough are the Bills, you ask? So tough that Shawne Merriman could only handle 20 minutes of practice before he got hurt. Bring it on, Detroit!

Detroit (+3) at Bills–Ba Ba Ba Ba Billlllss. I think.

Cincinnati (+7) at Indianapolis–Bengals

Houston (+2) at Jacksonville–Texans

Tennessee at Miami (+1)–Titans

Minnesota at Chicago (+1)–Vikings

Jets at Cleveland (+3)–Jets

Carolina (+6 1/2) at Tampa Bay–Tampa

Kansas City at Denver (+1)–KC

St. Louis (+6) at San Francisco–Rams*

Seattle (+3) at Arizona–Cards

Dallas (+14) at Giants–Cowboys. Line is too big not to.

New England (+4 1/2) at Pittsburgh–Pats

Philadelphia at Washington (+3)–Eagles

Overall Standings (best bets)
Sullivan: 68-56-5 (5-4)
Northrop: 68-56-5 (6-3)
DiCesare: 64-60-5 (5-4)
McKissic: 63-61-5 (4-5)
Wilson: 57-67-5 (6-3)
Gaughan: 56-68-5 (6-3)
Game Seven 49-75-5 (6-2-1)

Last week’s picks:

Chicago at Bills (+3)–Bears. Tampa 2 > Ryan Fitzpatrick
Bears 22-19. Push
San Diego at Houston (+2 1/2)–Texans
SD 29-23. Loss
New Orleans at Carolina (+6 1/2)–Saints
NO 34-3. Win
Arizona (+9) at Minnesota–Cards
Vikings 27-24. Win
Tampa Bay (+8 1/2) at Atlanta–Tampa*
Atlanta 27-21. Win
Jets at Detroit (+4)–Detroit
Jets 23-20. Win
Miami (+5 1/2) at Baltimore–Miami
Balt 26-10. Loss. Every week there is one game I see the score for and go “Good that’s who I thought would win.” And then I get back here and realize I didn’t pick them. That was this game.
New England at Cleveland (+4 1/2)–Pats
Cleve 34-14. Loss. And there’s also a game no one saw coming. Like this one.
Giants at Seattle (+6 1/2)–NYG
Giants 41-7. Win
Kansas City (+2 1/2) at Oakland–ehhh Raiders. Hot hand.
Raiders 23-20. Win
Indianapolis (+3) at Philadelphia–Indi
Eagles 26-24. Win
Dallas (+8) at Green Bay–Packers
Packers 45-7. Win
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (+4 1/2)–Bengals
Steelers 27-21. Loss
8-4-1. That’s more like it!