Week 12 NFL picks

Chippewa strip goers, beware of this man.

Pittsburgh comes to the Ralph this weekend, but it won’t be much of a home game for the Bills. The game miraculously sold out, which is most likely due to Steeler fans coming up to Buffalo. One of my teammates put it best: He’d bet the house except he never bets against the Bills.

Pittsburgh at Bills (+6 1/2)–Pittsburgh

Tennessee (+6 1/2) at Houston–Houston

Green Bay (+2) at Atlanta–Green Bay

Minnesota (+1) at Washington–Washington*

Jacksonville (+7) at N.Y. Giants–Giants

Carolina (+10) at Cleveland–Cleveland. I want anyone +10 against the Browns, but I’m intrigued by Jake Delhomme against his old team.

Kansas City at Seattle (+1 1/2)–Chiefs

Miami (+3) at Oakland–Oakland

St. Louis (+4) at Denver–Rams

Philadelphia at Chicago (+3 1/2)–Eagles

Tampa Bay (+7 1/2) at Baltimore–Bucs

San Diego (+3) at Indianapolis–Peyton Manning doesn’t lose at night.

San Francisco at Arizona (+1)–49ers

Feel like I picked too many favorites, but changing picks is like picking children. Okay not quite, but I couldn’t find any I would change.

On a related note, the Bills promoted Naaman Roosevelt this week. Projected stat line: 3 offensive plays, 1 catch, 4 yards, all garbage time. Might get in on kickoff too.

Northrop: 85-67-5 (7-4)
DiCesare: 82-70-5 (7-4)
Sullivan: 82-70-5 (7-4)
McKissic: 77-75-5 (4-7)
Gaughan: 71-81-5 (8-3)
Wilson: 71-81-5 (8-3)
Game Seven 64-88-5 (8-2-1)

Last week:

Bills (+5 1/2) at Cincinnati–Bengals
Bills 49-31. We won! But Loss
Oakland (+7) at Pittsburgh–Raiders
Pittsburgh 35-3. Loss
Houston (+7) at Jets–Texans
Jets 30-27. Win
Baltimore at Carolina (+10)–Ravens
Ravens 37-13. Win
Washington (+7) at Tennessee–Titans
Washington 19-16 (OT). Loss
Detroit (+6 1/2) at Dallas–Lions
Dallas 35-19. Loss
Green Bay at Minnesota (+3)–Packers
GB 31-3. Win
Cleveland (+1 1/2) at Jacksonville–Browns
Jacksonville 24-20. Loss
Arizona (+8) at Kansas City–Cards
KC 31-13. Loss
Seattle (+11 1/2) at New Orleans–Seahawks
Saints 34-19. Loss
Atlanta at St. Louis (+3)–Falcons*
ATL 34-17. Win
Tampa Bay (+3) at San Francisco–Tampa
Tampa 21-0. Win
Indianapolis (+3) at New England–Colts
Pats 31-28. Push. The news staff doesn’t have any ties, and upon further review, it seems this game was actually a win.
Giants (+3) at Philadelphia–Eagles
Eagles 27-17. Win
Denver (+10) at San Diego–Chargers
Chargers 35-14. Win