Week 13 NFL picks

Bills are at Minnesota this week. We hung tight we Pittsburgh last week, and should have won a football game. Adrain Peterson is a game time decision.

The Vikings have struggled this season, but won last week with Leslie Frazier as coach after Brad Childress was fired.

Anything else to add? [Insert joke about Brett Favre’s man parts here.] Give me the Bills.

He looks like a Leslie.

Bills (+6) at Minnesota–Bills

Cleveland (+4 1/2) at Miami–Cleveland

Jacksonville at Tennessee (+2)–Jacksonville

Denver (+8 1/2) at Kansas City–Denver

Washington (+7) at Giants–Washington

Chicago at Detroit (+3 1/2)–Bears*

San Francisco (+9 1/2) at Green Bay–49ers

New Orleans at Cincinnati (+6 1/2)–Saints

Atlanta at Tampa Bay (+3)–Falcons

Oakland (+13) at San Diego–Rule is usually to pick a line this big, but gotta go with San Diego.

Carolina (+6) at Seattle–Seahawks. Beast Mode.

Dallas (+5 1/2) at Indianapolis–Indi. Peyton doesn’t lose twice in a row.

St. Louis at Arizona (+3)–Rams

Pittsburgh (+3) at Baltimore–Steelers

Jets (+3 1/2) at New England–Jets

Overall (best bets)
Northrop: 93-72-5 (8-4)
Sullivan: 91-74-5 (8-4)
DiCesare: 86-79-5 (8-4)
McKissic: 79-86-5 (4-8)
Gaughan: 77-88-5 (8-4)
Wilson: 76-89-5 (8-4)
Game Seven 69-96-5 (8-3-1)

Last week:

Pittsburgh at Bills (+6 1/2)–Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh 19-16 (OT). Loss 
Tennessee (+6 1/2) at Houston–Houston
Texans 20-0. Win
Green Bay (+2) at Atlanta–Green Bay
Falcons 20-17. Loss
Minnesota (+1) at Washington–Washington*
Vikings 17-13. Loss
Jacksonville (+7) at N.Y. Giants–Giants
Giants 24-20. Loss
Carolina (+10) at Cleveland–Cleveland
Browns 24-23. Loss
Kansas City at Seattle (+1 1/2)–Chiefs
KC 42-24. Win
Miami (+3) at Oakland–Oakland
Miami 33-17. Loss
St. Louis (+4) at Denver–Rams
Rams 36-33. Win
Philadelphia at Chicago (+3 1/2)–Eagles
Bears 31-26. Loss
Tampa Bay (+7 1/2) at Baltimore–Bucs
Baltimore 17-10. Win
San Diego (+3) at Indianapolis–Peyton Manning doesn’t lose at night.
I lied. SD 36-14. Loss
San Francisco at Arizona (+1)–49ers
49ers 27-6. Win