Jets strength and conditioning coach trips Nolan Carroll?


FOLLOW UP: Sal Alosi has been suspended for the rest of the year and fined $25,000.


Everyone is talking about this, and I finally found a video of the incident. Looks pretty intentional to me.

That’s classless. Don’t be naive, in the world of sports, you certainly want to inflict pain on the other team and let them know what they’re in for if they come back for more, but that’s left to the players, not the coaches.

His name is Sal Alosi. If the Jets don’t fire this guy, I’d suspend him for the rest of the year if I’m the NFL. Maybe give him a fine too, depending on how badly Carroll is injured.

Hopefully this video won’t get taken down. The Bills are at Miami next week, and play at the Jets Week 17.


Week 14 NFL picks

The Bills have lost three straight against Cleveland and are averaging just 10 points per game in the losses. Forecasts are calling for a rain/snow mix, but hopefully this one turns out better than the previous snow game against the Browns.

Cleveland (+1) at Bills–Bills

Oakland (+4) at Jacksonville–Jags

Cincinnati (+8 1/2) at Pittsburgh–Bengals

New England at Chicago (+3)–Pats

Giants at Minnesota (+2)–Giants

Green Bay at Detroit (+6 1/2)–Packers

Atlanta at Carolina (+7)–Atlanta*

Tampa Bay at Washington (+2)–Tampa

St. Louis (+9) at New Orleans–Rams

Seattle (+4 1/2) at San Francisco–Seattle. Beast Mode.

Miami (+5 1/2) at Jets–Jets

Denver at Arizona (+5 1/2)–Denver

Kansas City (+7) at San Diego–SD

Philadelphia at Dallas (+3 1/2)–Dallas

Baltimore at Houston (+3)–Baltimore

Northrop: 103-77-5 (9-4)
Sullivan: 100-80-5 (9-4)
DiCesare: 93-87-5 (8-5)
Gaughan: 87-93-5 (8-5)
Wilson: 86-94-5 (9-4)
McKissic: 85-95-5 (5-8)
Game Seven 77-103-5 (9-3-1)
It’s going to be a dramatic comeback.

Last week

Bills (+6) at Minnesota–Bills
Peterson 38-14. Loss
Cleveland (+4 1/2) at Miami–Cleveland
Cleveland 13-10. Win
Jacksonville at Tennessee (+2)–Jacksonville
Jags 17-6. Win
Denver (+8 1/2) at Kansas City–Denver
KC 10-6. Win
Washington (+7) at Giants–Washington
Giants 31-7. Loss
Chicago at Detroit (+3 1/2)–Bears*
Chicago 24-20. Win
San Francisco (+9 1/2) at Green Bay–49ers
Packers 34-16. Loss
New Orleans at Cincinnati (+6 1/2)–Saints
Saints 34-30. Loss
Atlanta at Tampa Bay (+3)–Falcons
Atlanta 28-24. Win
Oakland (+13) at San Diego–San Diego
Oakland 28-13. Loss
Carolina (+6) at Seattle–Seahawks. Beast Mode.
Seattle 31-14. Win
Dallas (+5 1/2) at Indianapolis–Indi. Peyton doesn’t lose twice in a row.
I lied again. Dallas 38-35 (OT). Loss
St. Louis at Arizona (+3)–Rams
Rams 19-6. Win
Pittsburgh (+3) at Baltimore–Steelers
Steelers 13-10. Win
Jets (+3 1/2) at New England–Jets
Pats 45-3. Loss