Week 15 NFL picks: Squish the Fish


Bills (+5 1/2) at Miami–Bills

Kansas City (+3) at St. Louis–Rams

Houston (+1 1/2) at Tennessee–What? Is this a misprint in the Buffalo News? They spelled Tennessee wrong too so it could be. Houston*.
But then again, every time I pump a team up like this, they lose.

Jacksonville (+5) at Indianapolis–Jags

Arizona (+2 1/2) at Carolina–These teams might try to lose the game on purpose so they can get a leg up in the first overall draft pick sweepstakes. I honestly don’t know who is worse. I guess I’ll go with Carolina. I think.

Cleveland (+2) at Cincinnati–Cinci

Philadelphia (+3) at Giants–Eagles

Washington (+6) at Dallas–Dallas. Rex Grossman is starting for Washington. In my league, he currently has -1 fantasy points on the year.

Detroit (+6) at Tampa Bay–Tampa

New Orleans (+1 1/2) at Baltimore–Saints

Atlanta at Seattle (+6)–ATL

Jets (+6) at Pittsburgh–Steelers big.

Denver (+6 1/2) at Oakland–Denver people.

Green Bay (+9) at New England–Pats

Chicago (+1 1/2) at Minnesota–Bears

Northrop: 110-85-5 (10-4)
Sullivan: 109-86-5 (10-4)
DiCesare: 102-93-5 (9-5)
Gaughan: 93-102-5 (8-6)
Wilson: 93-102-5 (10-4)
McKissic: 92-103-5 (6-8) Side note: I’m clearly not one who should be criticizing someone for his football picks, but how the hell do you go 6-8 on your best bets?
Game Seven 85-110-5 (10-3-1)

Last week (8-7):

Cleveland (+1) at Bills–Bills
Bills 13-6. Win
Oakland (+4) at Jacksonville–Jags
Jags 38-31. Win
Cincinnati (+8 1/2) at Pittsburgh–Bengals
Pittsburgh 23-7. Loss
New England at Chicago (+3)–Pats
Pats 36-7. Win
Giants at Minnesota (+2)–Giants
G-Men 21-3. Win
Green Bay at Detroit (+6 1/2)–Packers
Lions 7-3. Ugly loss.
Atlanta at Carolina (+7)–Atlanta*
ATL 31-10. Win
Tampa Bay at Washington (+2)–Tampa
Bucs 17-16. Loss. Unbelievable finish.
St. Louis (+9) at New Orleans–Rams
Saints 31-13. Loss
Seattle (+4 1/2) at San Francisco–Seattle
San Fran 40-21. Loss
Miami (+5 1/2) at Jets–Jets
Dolphins 10-6. Loss
Denver at Arizona (+5 1/2)–Denver
Cards 43-15. Loss
Kansas City (+7) at San Diego–SD
Chargers 31-0. Win
Philadelphia at Dallas (+3 1/2)–Dallas
Eagles 30-27. Win
Baltimore at Houston (+3)–Baltimore
Ravens 34-28 (OT). Win