NFL Week 2 picks

I’m trying really hard not to be “that guy,” but I’m still far from sold on the Buffalo Bills this year.

They won one game. Against a team that played miserably. We know the Bills aren’t a team that will put up 41 points on a regular basis. I was very impressed with a lot of things last week, but you have to attribute a lot of our success to Kansas City’s poor play.

Steve Johnson hauled in a nice touchdown reception and threw the (legal) cut block on Eric Berry that injured his knee.

Eric Berry went down with a season-ending injury on the first drive after getting flattened by Steve Johnson (imagine what would’ve happened if he tried to cross the Moats). They were without their best player nearly the entire game.

The Bills did well for themselves to score early, but that’s the only reason the Chiefs’ running game never got going. Jamaal Charles didn’t run poorly (5.6 yards per carry), Kansas City was just forced to pass because it was down so many. Charles only had 10 carries.

Dwayne Bowe had a pedestrian 17 yards on two catches, so I give lots of credit to a banged-up Bills secondary that also limited Matt Cassel to 119 yards.

There were a lot of positives to take from last game. C.J. Spiller even managed to get his first career rushing touchdown. I don’t hate the Bills, I’m just not sold yet. The Raiders present a bigger challenge. People forget Oakland was an 8-8 team last season, and in football, a .500 team is one that was fairly competitive. The Bills probably could have been close to 8-8 if a few key bounces went our way, but they didn’t, and that’s why we were 4-12.

I like the Bills to win a close one at the home opener. I do wish the line was smaller than three points, but everyone else probably does, too.

BUFFALO (-3) over Oakland

NEW ORLEANS (-6.5) over Chicago

DETROIT (-8) over Kansas City

JETS (-9.5) over Jacksonville

Arizona (+3.5) over WASHINGTON

Baltimore (-6) over TENNESSEE

Seattle (+14) over PITTSBURGH

CAROLINA (+10) over Green Bay

Tampa Bay (+3) over MINNESOTA

INDIANAPOLIS (+2) over Cleveland

Dallas (-3) over SANĀ FRANCISCO

Houston (-3) over MIAMI

NEW ENGLAND (-7) over San Diego

Cincinnati (+3.5) over DENVER

Philadelphia (-2.5) over ATLANTA*

GIANTS (-6) over ST. LOUIS

Last week:

KANSAS CITY (-6) over Buffalo
Bills 41-7. Loss

Pittsburgh (+2 1/2) over BALTIMORE
Ravens 35-7. Loss
TAMPA BAY (-2) over Detroit
Lions 27-20. Loss
CHICAGO (+3) over Atlanta
Bears 30-12. Win
Indianapolis (+8 1/2) over HOUSTON
Texans 34-7. Loss
Philadelphia (-5) over ST. LOUIS
Eagles 31-13. Win
Cincinnati (+6 1/2) over CLEVELAND
Bengals 27-17. Win
Tennessee (+2) over JACKSONVILLE*
Jags 16-14. Push
Giants (-3) over WASHINGTON
Redskins 28-14. Loss
Carolina (+7) over ARIZONA
Cards 28-21. Push
Seattle (+5) over SAN FARNCISCO
49ers 33-17. Loss
Minnesota (+8 1/2) over SAN DIEGO
Chargers 24-17. Win
JETS (-4 1/2) over Dallas
Jets 27-24. Loss
New England (-7) over MIAMI
Pats 38-2. Win
DENVER (-3) over Oakland
Raiders 23-20. Loss
5-8-2, 0-0-1

2010 first round RB watch:

C.J. Spiller 5 rushes, 16 yards, 3.2 YPC, 1 TD.

Ryan Matthews 12 rushes, 45 yards, 3.8 YPC, 0 TD.

Jahvid Best 21 rushes, 72 yards, 3.4 YPC, 0 TD.