Names decorating Sabres walkway are randomly sized

I haven’t talked much about the Sabres new locker room, but you really need to see pictures to believe it. The entire setup is awesome, from the actual locker room to the team room, coaches offices, training areas and walkway to the ice.

It’s weird because every report about the locker room has been so overly positive, but from the looks of it, there is literally almost nothing bad to say. It looks phenomenal and can only be another selling point for free agents looking at signing in Buffalo.

I did have one question about the walkway to the ice, which the team answered today during its Sabres Chat on Twitter, held by VP of Arena Operations Stan Makowski, Jr. and Director of Creative Services Frank Cravotta.

The Sabres put pictures and names of former players along the walkway that leads from the locker room to the ice. The names are all different sizes and the wall looks awesome the way they all fit together.

I wanted to know how they decided how big to make each name. Was done by stats? Say, the more goals scored or games played for the Sabres, the bigger the type? Or was done subjectively — the French Connection was awesome, so they get the biggest names?

The Sabres said sizes were picked randomly because they didn’t want to have to rank former players. “The different sizes forces you to look at [it] to find names,” they added.

Fair enough. The last thing you want are former players upset that they weren’t given enough respect by the new regime. The Sabres aren’t just saying that, either — Gilbert Perreault and Pat LaFontaine have two of the smaller names on the wall.

Looking around, the random selection of names has been reported before, but if I didn’t know about it there’s probably a lot of people who didn’t know about it.

I don’t know what criteria were used to make the list of players on the wall or if you have to be retired for a certain amount of years, but I hope they have some extra space –Dominik Hasek’s name doesn’t appear to be on there at all.