NFL Week 11 picks

The Bills' offense is averaging 9.0 ppg over the last two weeks. Miami is 2-0 over that stretch. Ryan Fitzpatrick just signed a nice big contract...but since he's looked more like a ball boy than an NFL starter.

The Buffalo-Miami rivalry is about as dead as it’s ever been.

Buffalo is in the hunt and the Dolphins are at the bottom of the league. This week should have been about the hurting the Bills are about to lay on their alleged rivals. Instead, it’s been about the goose eggs the Bills laid in back-to-back weeks and the two-game winning streak the ‘Fins have ripped off.

On one hand, it’s good Miami is winning — it might keep Andrew Luck out of the division. On the other hand, this is Miami. We shouldn’t want them to win, ever. This is supposed to be a rivalry.

Rivalry are based on hate. Nobody cares anymore. Indifference doesn’t get our players to go out for blood and it doesn’t get people in Buffalo extra pumped for these two Sundays out of the year. Zero and sixteen. That should be what we want Miami to finish every single year. Dead last.

I don’t know if the Bills have it in them this week. The last two weeks have been terrible and Chan’s offense hasn’t been able to do anything. Maybe this rivalry still exists in South Beach.

Bills (+2 1/2) at Miami

Tennessee (+6) at Atlanta

Cincinnati (+7) at Baltimore

Jacksonville (pick) at Cleveland

Oakland at Minnesota (+1)

Carolina (+7) at Detroit

Tampa Bay (+14) at Green Bay
Green Bay

Dallas at Washington (+7 1/2)

Arizona (+9 1/2) at San Francisco

Seattle (+1 1/2) at St. Louis

San Diego (+3 1/2) at Chicago

Philadelphia (+4 1/2) at Giants

Kansas City (+14 1/2) at New England


Skurski: 72-68-4 (4-6)
Northrop: 70-70-4 (5-4-1)
Game Seven 70-70-4 (4-4-1)
McKissic: 69-71-4 (5-5)
Sullivan: 66-74-4 (5-4-1)
Gaughan: 68-72-4 (4-5-1)
DiCesare: 67-73-4 (5-4-1)

Last week:

Bills (+5.5) over DALLAS
Cowboys 44-7. Loss

Pittsburgh (-3) over CINCINNATI
Steelers 24-17. Win

Denver (+3) over KANSAS CITY
Broncos 17-10. Win

Jacksonville (-3) over INDIANAPOLIS*
Jags 17-3. Win

TAMPA BAY (+3) over Houston
Texans 37-9. Loss

CAROLINA (-3) over Tennessee
Titans 30-3. Loss

Washington (+3.5) over MIAMI
Dolphins 20-9. Loss

New Orleans (pick) over ATLANTA
Saints 26-23. Win

Detroit (+2 1/2) over CHICAGO
Bears 37-17. Loss

CLEVELAND (-2.5) over St. Louis
Rams 13-12. Loss

PHILADELPHIA (-9) over Arizona
Cardinals 21-17. Loss

Baltimore (-6.5) over SEATTLE
Seahawks 22-17. Loss

Giants (+3.5) over SAN FRANCISCO
49ers 27-20. Loss

New England (+1.5) over JETS
Pats 37-16. Win

Minnesota (+13.5) over GREEN BAY
Pack 45-7. Loss



Northrop: 66-59-4 (4-4-1)
Skurski: 66-59-4 (4-5)
Game Seven 68-70-4 (4-4-1)
Gaughan: 62-63-4 (3-5-1)
DiCesare: 62-63-4 (5-2-1)
McKissic: 62-63-4 (5-4)
Sullivan: 59-66-4 (4-4-1)


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