Divisional Round picks

The real story of this weekend is whether or not Tim Tebow will have enough magic to get past Tom Brady and The Hoodie in Foxborough.

San Francisco and the New York Giants will try to prevent us from seeing the Brees-Rodgers NFC title match up we’re all dreaming of and Joe Flacco will become the first QB in history to start a playoff game in his first four seasons, but all storylines take a backseat to Tebow. I don’t know if he can do it again, but it’ll be interesting.

Saturday night. 8 p.m. CBS. Be there.

New Orleans at San Francisco (+3 1/2)
New Orleans

Denver (+13 1/2) at New England
New England

Houston (+7 1/2) at Baltimore

Giants (+7 1/2) at Green Bay


Northrop: 3-1
McKissic: 3-1
Sullivan: 2-2
Always Game Seven 2-2
DiCesare: 2-2
Gaughan: 1-3
Skurski: 1-3