NFL Week 2 picks 2012

The Buffalo Bills’ Week 2 home opener against Kansas City is a game most fans had circled as a win before the season.

How quickly things change.

It’s only one week into the season and the Bills have the same record as teams like the Giants, Saints and Packers right now, but there’s not a lot from last week to build on. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw passes like his ribs were still broken, Mario Williams blitzed like he had all $100 million of his salary in quarters strapped on his back and two offensive starters were lost to injury.

Chan Gailey and the Bills have plenty of time to right the ship on the 2012 season, but nothing they did last week would indicate they can win Sunday by at least a field goal. I could see the Bills pulling out a close one, but until I see further evidence, I’m taking the points.

Statistical odds and ends:

–This Bills are accomplishing the rare right now of leading the NFL in both rushing yards per game and points allowed. That’s including the early game this week.

–Yes, the Bills beat the Chiefs last year 41-7. That’s means … very little. If calling up past success was that easy, the Bills would be 1-0 after Fitzpatrick led the attack over the Jets last week.

–Storyline to watch in this game is Eric Berry on Stevie Johnson. Johnson ended Berry’s season last year on a run block. I’m willing to bet Berry hasn’t forgotten about that.

Kansas City (+3) at Bills — Chiefs

Tampa Bay (+7) at Giants — Giants

Arizona (+13½) at New England — Pats

Minnesota at Indianapolis (+1½) — Vikings (Andrew Luck’s third down passer rating was 0.0 last week!)

New Orleans at Carolina (+2½) — Saints

Baltimore (+2½) at Philadelphia — Ravens

Oakland at Miami (+2½) — Raiders

Cleveland (+7) at Cincinnati — Bengals

Houston at Jacksonville (+7) — Texans

Dallas at Seattle (+3) — Cowboys*

Washington at St. Louis (+3) — Rams

Jets (+5) at Pittsburgh — Jets

Tennessee (+6) at San Diego — Titans

Detroit (+6½) at San Francisco — 49ers

Denver (+3) at Atlanta — Broncos

Largest line of the season: Arizona +13.5 at New England (Week 2)

Last week: Gaughan 3-12, Skurski 7-8, Graham 6-9, Sullivan 6-9, DiCesare 8-7, Northrop 6-9, IAGS 4-11. Rough starts all around. We learn. We adjust.

DiCesare 8-7
Skurski 7-8
Northrop, Graham, Sullivan 6-9
IAGS 4-11
Gaughan 3-12

Best Bets:
Gaughan, Skurski, Sullivan, DiCesare, IAGS: 1-0
Graham, Northrop 0-1

Last week:

Bills +2.5 at New Jersey Jets — Bills.
Jets 48-28. Loss

Indianapolis +9.5 at Chicago — Colts
Bears 41-21. Loss

Philadelphia at Cleveland +8.5 — Eagles
Eagles 17-16. Loss

Washington +7 at New Orleans — Redskins
Redskins 40-32. Win

New England +5.5 at Tennessee — Patriots*
Pats 34-13. Win

Jacksonville +4 at Minnesota — Vikings
Vikings 26-23. Loss

Miami +12 at Houston — Dolphins
Texans 30-10. Loss

St. Louis +7 at Detroit — Lions
Lions 27-23. Loss

Atlanta at Kansas City +3 — Chiefs
Falcons 40-24. Loss

San Francisco +5 at Green Bay — 49ers
49ers 30-22. Win

Carolina at Tampa Bay +2.5 — Panthers
Bucs 16-10. Loss

Seattle at Arizona +2.5 — Seahawks
Cardinals 20-16. Loss

Pittsburgh +1.5 at Denver — Broncos
Broncos 31-19. Win

Cincinnati +6 at Baltimore — Bengals
Ravens 44-13. Loss

San Diego +1 at Oakland — Raiders
Chargers 22-14. Loss

4-11, 1-0

*Best bet