What is a Terry Pegula?


The Buffalo Sabres hosted a season-ending press conference at the First Niagara Center Monday, with team president Ted Black and still-general manager Darcy Regier holding court.

Sabres owner Terry Pegula again bypassed an opportunity to speak to media, as has been par for his tenure in Buffalo. As the press conference turned from discussion to circus, the focus turned to Pegula’s presence (or lack thereof) as the head of the franchise.

Black said Pegula has spoken to media when appropriate, which is highly debatable, and went on to say that Pegula doesn’t need to comment on day-to-day activity when he has people employed to do that for him. Black said Pegula hired him to run the business operations, so he will discuss those, and Pegula hired Regier to run the hockey operations, so Regier will talk about hockey.

To an extent, that makes sense. If Terry Pegula doesn’t want to talk to media, he doesn’t have to. It’s his team. Continue reading


Final Bills draft thoughts

Final Bills thoughts: The only QB I’d take at No. 8 is Ryan Nassib, and only because Doug Marrone knows better than anybody what he can do.

This is a very poor QB class; Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, etc. will be picked way above their true rate because they are the only options. Using a top 10 pick on second-round talent is not good return on investment and can set the franchise back farther if they take a QB just to have one instead of waiting on a true franchise guy.

The Bills  could play Kevin Kolb or Tarvaris Jackson this year, take a top 10 talent-level player who can help next year’s quarterback (WR, maybe) and fill other holes on the team this year (the Bills are not contenders this year anyway).

As always, I remain a fan of trading down if the opportunity presents itself because the top picks have such inflated value.

Dream scenario: Marrone is in love with Nassib, is able to trade down into the 20s and take him while stocking a few picks as well. It’s Marrone’s first year! Get set up for a serious run three, four years down the road and don’t do anything stupid trying to win right now when you don’t have the team for it.