Buffalo bucket list

I’m leaving town at the end of the month to take a position in Pittsburgh. This is a list of things I always thought looked cool or wanted to do in Buffalo (or just need to do again). If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them — let me know on Twitter. Only condition is don’t be cliche.

— Drive Niagara Falls Boulevard from one end to the other

Have wings at Anchor Bar

Have beef on weck 

Get one of those giant beer tubes from Pearl Street

Find out what the big deal is about Sky Bar

— Find out what the big deal is about shopping at the Salvation Army

— Sit in the front row behind the visitor’s dugout on a mostly empty weekday afternoon Bisons game

Play a round of golf

— Go to the casino

— Lick a melting ice cream cone on the roof of Mississippi Mudds with the sun reflecting in my eyes off the river

— Dress sharp and go to open houses in nice developments and pretend I’m rich

— Find out how to get on Strawberry Island

— Walk to the end of Bird Island Pier

— Ask out a girl who’s way too pretty for me

— Possibly incorporate the preceding bullet with any of the four above it

— Help a complete stranger

Wear a suit all day just because

— Go to the top of City Hall*

To be continued…

*reader submitted

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