The line about Joey Mullen’s signing bonus in ‘Miracle’ is (probably) a lie

One of the early scenes in “Miracle” that sets the tone for the movie comes at Olympic tryouts, when Jimmy Craig asks Jack O’Callahan if there was a reason Joey Mullen wasn’t trying out.


“Yeah, about 30,000 of ’em sitting in his New York bank account,” O’Callahan responds, meaning Mullen got a $30,000 signing bonus from the NHL and took the money, back in a time when professionals couldn’t play in the Olympics.

But after Mullen reminded reporters at an event I covered last week that he went undrafted, I was curious how he managed to pull in that kind of signing bonus. So I asked him about it.

“Umm … I don’t know if it was 30,” he said uneasily.

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