Canisius vs. Siena live blog 12/8/13

FINAL: Canisius 93, Siena 78.

Immediate reactions | Postgame video | Patsos: Baron could play in NBA

1:06: Patsos given a technical for swatting the ball while it was still in play. 89-76.

1:12: Siena’s Bisping is down, looks like he got hit in the eye by his own guy.

2:03: Baron hits a three to raise the cushion to 14 points.

3:44: Jordan Heath grabs the rebound on Raney’s second free throw and Valenti finishes it to make it 84-71.

4:05: Baron misses a floater but Heath pulls down the rebound. Raney ends up on the line and hits one to protect the double-digit lead. 82-71.

4:51: Manhertz fouls out. 81-71.

5:28: Passing is going by the wayside for the Griffs with the lead. Don’t look now but Siena has it to 81-70.

7:23: Manhertz is back in with four fouls. They’ve missed him.

7:41: At the under-8 timeout, it’s Canisius 81-68. Rob Poole only has 7 for Siena, but Bisping and Wolfe have 30 between them.

8:40: Griffs defense is slipping a little bit here. Siena still shooting a very high percent (ESPN says 58.1) and has made a few in a row. 79-66 after an alley-oop.

10:00: Canisius is up 79-60. Putting #100watch in effect.

11:03: Billy Baron checks out. Shouldn’t need much more of him up 79-58. At the top of the country in minutes per game, he could use a nice rest.

12:00: A foul on Siena draws a “hey ref, keep the game moving” from our favorite fan in section 2.

14:15: Evan Hymes goes down hard after running right into a block from Jordan Heath. He checks out.

14:56: Jordan Heath gets an and-1 less than 20 seconds after Baron. He converts as well.

15:43: After Siena free throws, Baron goes end-to-end and gets a layup and 1. 69-43.

15:48: Manhertz picks up his fourth foul on a block call that could’ve gone either way. Jim Baron not thrilled with the ref. “That’s terrible.”

16:08: Seconds before the under-16 media timeout, Jimmy Patsos uses his last timeout. Griffs up 66-41.

17:00: Dominique Raney with a nice two-handed slam to make it 66-38.

20:00: Same starters as the first half for Canisius.

FIRST-HALF STATS: Baron is 5 of 7 shooting for 13 points. Lewis has 11 and Raney has 10. Brett Bisping has 10 for Siena, which is also the number of turnovers Siena has. Both teams are shooting 55.6%, but Siena is only 1 of 5 from three-point range.

HALF: Canisius leads 57-36. This just in: basketball is easy when everything goes in. Griffs hit 10 of their 15 three-point attempts. To put this in perspective, their biggest half against Daemen was 55 points.

1:31: Chris Perez drains a three with a nice assist from Jordan Heath. That’s 10 three-pointers before half. This is nuts.

2:48: Jordan Heath hits another three. Griffs are 9 of 13 as a team from behind the arc.

3:36: Another nice alley-oop for Siena’s Michael Wolfe, but this is one ALL Griffs. 47-28 at the U4.

5:33: Siena’s Lavon Long just lost his shoe into the stands when he went to block a shot. I have never seen that before.

7:40: Chris Manhertz went into his bench to save a ball, which turned into a Zach Lewis three-pointer. Manhertz comes back with a block on defense. All Griffs right now, 40-18.

8:30: Jeremiah Williams brings the ball up court, calls his own number, gets a lane right to the hoop and then misses the layup. Maurice White hits two free throws at the other end for Siena. 35-18.

9:28: Siena takes another timeout as back-to-back buckets from Billy Baron make it 33-15 Griffs. Canisius’ largest lead at any point this season was 11 points before today.

10:53: Jeremiah Williams comes in and immediately knocks the ball o away form Wright, nearly generating a turnover. Takes a foul shortly after.

11:25: Siena gets a nice alley-oop from Wright to Michael Wolfe. 27-15 Griffs.

12:17: Lewis hits another three after getting beat on defense. Has eight points in a very short time. We’re getting a great look at Jimmy Patsos’ angry face.

13:55: Valenti and Lewis check in for Manhertz and Raney. Lewis promptly hits a three. 22-11.

14:22: Siena takes timeout after Heath drains a three. Griffs can’t miss, up 19-9.

15:19: 6-foot-10 Jordan Heath blocks the shot of 5-8 Evan Hymes, which is almost not fair.

16:09: Billy Baron gets a layup and a free throw with a foul on Siena’s Marquis Wright. Baron hits to make it 14-7.

16:30: Only one missed shot so far as Canisius leads 11-7. Fast pace.

19:10: Dominique Raney hits two free throws and Canisius gets on the board first.

Tip: Siena’s 6-8 Imoh Silas wins the tip against Canisius’ 6-10 Jordan Heath and we’re underway.

Pregame: A good hand here at the KAC to pick up the young anthem singer, who skipped a part in the second verse. All’s well that ends well. Tip coming shortly.

Pregame: The Griffs will start Billy Baron, Chris Perez, Chris Manhertz, Dominique Raney and Jordan Heath. Siena counters with Marquis Wright, Rob Poole, Lavon Long, Brett Bisping and Imoh Silas.


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