Canisius vs. Siena MAAC Tournament live blog 3/8/14

By Nick Veronica


4.3: Poole misses a 3.

16.0: Baron with a big layup to put Canisius up 71-65.

47.2: Siena steps out on their possession.

1:06: Manhertz with a huge layup late in the shot clock. Good possession. Canisius 69-65.

1:38: Siena takes another timeout after another Bisping basket. Canisius up 67-65.

2:12: Perez from a tough angle. 67-63.

2:22: Siena takes timeout after a Bisping layup. Canisius 65-63.

2:58: Baron for 3 and he pumps his fists. Griffs 65-61.

3:42: Manhertz hits from the line, Griffs up 62-61.

4:01: Poole answers with a 3. 61-60 Siena.

4:20: Manhertz blocked but puts in his own rebound. Canisius 60-58.

4:41: Now Jordan picks up his third. Long ties it at 58.

5:02: Siena thought Jordan Heath was picking up his 3rd foul, turned into a travel on Bisping. Perez puts Canisius up 58-56.

6:30: Baron hits both FTs to tie it at 56.

6:30: Baron draws a blocking call and Canisius goes into the double bonus.

6:53: Jordan Heath with a put-back dunk to cut it to 56-54.

7:21: Baron takes timeout. Wright just cashed in a fast break to make it 56-52 Siena.

8:10: Chris Perez picks up his third foul. Tough call.

8:38: Siena ties it 52-52.

9:16: Billy Baron still sitting at 10 points. He’s been watched closely but gotta think he’ll try to take over soon. Griffs up 50-49.

9:16: Chris Manhertz draws a charge. Griffs needed that.

10:14: There’s a freshman play from Zach Lewis. Turnover, overcommit on a three. Siena getting the momentum here.

10:58: Long delay here as refs at the monitor … Josiah gets two shots, hits both.

10:58: Brett Bisping just picked up a technical foul. Not sure for what, it was at the far end, but the ref was adamant about it.

11:30: Perez gives to Baron on a fast break but Baron can’t get it. Foul called shortly after. Canisius up at the U12, 46-44.

12:11: Told you Lewis was feeling it, he goes for a huge dunk but gets fouled. Replay shows he lost the ball on the way up.

12:56: Lewis buries a big three to tie it. His first trey in a while. He’s excited.

13:35: Manhertz stuffed by the rim on a dunk, Siena answers with a layup to go up 44-41 and the fans love it.

14:31: Bisping ties it at 41, swish.

15:28: Baron starting to take more for himself, hits a a tough, long 2-pointer falling away from the hoop. 41-39.

16:01: Rob Poole with another nice spin move, he ties it at 39.

17:10: Baron at the line, missed both. That never happens.

17:55: Lewis scores, Canisius opening the half on a 6-0 run to 39-34.

18:58: Manhertz has a layup to put Canisius up and a big rebound on defense.




0.0: Jordan Heath’s 3 at the horn rattles out. Siena leads 34-33.

23.5: Perez takes a foul on a rebound to put Siena into the bonus. Bisping hits both, Siena up 34-33.

56.3: Jimmy Patsos calls timeout, furious with Zach Lewis not being call out of bounds. Looked out to me but the ref was literally in the perfect spot, crouched down to get a good look.

2:15: Chris Perez hits a 3 after Siena had retaken the lead, Canisius now up 31-30.

3:43: Jordan Heath and Rob Poole lead their teams with 9 points at the U4. Baron has 7.

4:03: Zach Lewis swats Rob Poole. I did not see that coming.

4:36: Phil Valenti strokes a 3, Griffs up 28-26.

5:29: Griffs coaches are furious with an over-and-back call. Looked like it his Zach Lewis’ foot.

6:14: Lavon Long hits the front end of a 1&1 but misses the second. Saints 24-22.

6:22: Jordan Heath has his pass intercepted (didn’t get a ton of help from Valenti) but he gets for a block on Wright’s layup attempt.

7:22: Chris Manhertz called for a charge and we’re at the U8 timeout. Saints 23-19, shooting 56.3%. Canisius 50%.

7:39: Rob Poole with a nice spin and fade away. Siena 23-19.

9:22: Griffs drawing some fouls here and Saints fans don’t like it. Siena still up 20-19.

10:34: Siena with some good passing and finishes on the fourth shot of the possession.

12:28: Baron with a great fast-break pass to Chris Perez, who gets a layup and the foul. Griffs 14-13.

13:14: Phil Valenti checks in and gets called for a travel … and then a foul.

13:36: Zach Lewis hits a transition 3 to give Canisius its first lead at 12-11.

14:03: Billy Baron makes hit own shot and hits it. 11-9 Siena.

14:48: A Siena 3-pointer has been changed to a 2. Saints up 9-6.

14:48: Refs are at the monitor for something here, not sure what.

14:48: Siena leads 10-6 at first media timeout. Poole has 5 points.

15:43: Jordan Heath hits a 3.

16:02: Brett Bisping hits a three and Rob Poole gets a steal and a layup. 10-3 Saints and Jim Baron takes timeout.

16:30: Manhertz called for a walk. Siena ball.

17:41:  Rob Poole hits a 3 at the end of the shot clock, assist to Wright. Saints 5-3.

18:52: Baron hits his first shot of the game, a three-pointer. Griffs 3-2.

20:00: Siena wins the tip and we’re underway.

Pregame: Canisius starts the usual: Baron, Manhertz, Perez, Lewis, Heath. #Griffs

Pregame: Welcome to the MassMutual Center in Springfield, Mass. where the 4th-seeded Griffs take on 5-Siena in the quarterfinals of the MAAC Tournament. Tip is set for about 2:35 p.m.


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