Billy Baron works out for third NBA team ahead of draft

By Nick Veronica

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Former Canisius guard Billy Baron had this third pre-NBA Draft workout today, this time with the Utah Jazz. He spoke with Utah’s media relations after the workout.

“It would mean everything in the world for me to get drafted,” Baron said. “I’d do anything for whatever program drafts me. I’d do anything for them. … I’m scratching and clawing like so many other guys are.”

“You work your whole life for this,” he added. (Full video here, it won’t embed.)

Baron has already worked out for the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks. He has workouts with the Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks later this week, per ESPN.

The NBA Draft is June 26.

Most draft analysts do not expect Baron to be drafted. CBS, for example, does not rank Baron among its top 100 prospects. DraftExpress ranks Baron the 44th-best senior in the draft, but not among its top 100 prospects, which obviously include many underclassmen and international players.

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