Big 4 teams to wear Buffalo Braves throwbacks

By Nick Veronica

The Big 4 doubleheader on Nov. 29 will have a unique twist: all four schools will wear Buffalo Braves throwback uniforms.

The Braves were an NBA team in Buffalo in the 1970s. They are now the Los Angeles Clippers.

Canisius will wear “Columbia blue” uniforms, St. Bonaventure will wear orange, UB will wear solid white with the light blue trim and Niagara’s jerseys are white with a purple stripe — something their athletic department insisted on.

“They weren’t so excited about the short shorts,” Canisius athletic director Bill Maher joked about the response from his athletes. He said the shorts will be a tad shorter than usual but not 1970s short.

UB coach Bobby Hurley, a former Duke star, said the shades of blue used were un-Carolina enough for him.


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