Bowling Green’s coach fired after bar incident on night of Canisius loss

By Nick Veronica

Chris Jans

Chris Jans

Bowling Green men’s basketball coach Chris Jans was fired for cause this week after a bar incident in Ohio that apparently happened the night his team got smoked by Canisius.

According to documents Deadspin got from the university, Jans — a married father of two — was fired because he “sexually harassed several women while drunk in a bar, slapping one on the butt, pushing another’s head toward his crotch, and calling another a b***h.’ ”

The tipster who alerted the university of the incident said it occurred on March 21, which means Jans’ drunken night followed his team’s 82-59 loss to Canisius in the CIT.

“For whatever reason we just couldn’t get going,” Jans said after the loss, though I guess that applies to the bar as well.

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