Life is about the little things, this is not one of them

This is a big thing. Click this. It’ll be good to have over the words on this post.

I can link to bad rap music if I want. I just want a fantasy football championship. Two of them, actually.

My new profile picture on Facebook. I may never change it (until I get next year's banner).

Despite the odds, DeSean Jackson was limited to two catches for 32 yards, making me a champion.

I watched the whole game from Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends. Jackson’s catches both came on a comeback route with the DB playing off him. Jackson was officially targeted 12 times in the game by Vick, but most of them were poor throws. He dropped one or two, but probably four passes intended for DeSean should have been intercepted.

I was wrong about Joe Webb, too. Turns out the UAB product isn’t half-bad.

I had David Akers going for me, and I was very mad when he missed the long field goal at the end of the first half. The 54-yard attempt would have been five huge points for me. It would have nullified a Jackson touchdown, too, because I’d get one for the extra point and it would be six points both ways.

But it was all for naught. The Viking pass rush was too much for the Eagles to handle and Vick didn’t have time to wait for longer routes to develop. He checked down or ran frequently. Tight end Brent Celek and running back LeSean McCoy were targeted 17 times combined.

I was the most nervous guy in BWW when Vick dropped back to throw a pass with the game out of reach at the end of the fourth quarter. I thought there might have been one second left on the clock, but they ran it off, and I was a champion. So if you were in the Wild Wings and wondering who the idiot was with his arms up after an incomplete pass, that was me.

I’ve been running this league for seven years now, and this is my first ever victory. I’m pumped to say the least.

I’ve had some good team names over the years, but this season I named my team after a movie I watched on a team bus last winter. My team was The Dead Presidents, from the 1991 Patrick Swayze movie “Point Break”. (Apparently, my team loves Patrick Swayze. “Youngblood” is another bus ride favorite.)

My team's logo. Its Wikipedia page say "Point Break" has a cult following, which I assume puts it in a category with the likes of "Boondock Saints", "Fight Club" or even "Requiem for a Dream".

Not the greatest of movies, but it served its purpose.

I have a lot of sports memorabilia around my room, but my fantasy football banner may be one of my new favorite pieces.

I love fantasy sports and fantasy football, but after tonight, this will just be one more award and it’ll be on to the next one. Fantasy baseball is to be dominated next. Forty-six days until pitchers and catchers report!