Postgame interviews: Canisius 90, Fairfield 78 (Senior Day)

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By Nick Veronica

Canisius coach Jim Baron was more emotional than usual in his press conference Saturday as he discussed Senior Day and sending off a son for the second time. He talked about separating duties of dad and coach (“It’s tough love, it’s unconditional trust”) and called himself a “proud father.”

Billy Baron finished his final home game with 22 points and 9 assists in 37 minutes. In the player press conference, Chris Perez thought it was hilarious that Jim got so emotional. Fairfield coach Sydney Johnson talked about the skirmish that changed the course of the game in his press conference.

Canisius coach Jim Baron

Jim Baron: “It’s a very emotional day. … It seems like these two years went really, really quickly.”

Jim Baron on seeing Congressman Brian Higgins at dinner Friday night:

“We saw Senator Higgins last night. One thing that he said, one thing that made me a proud father is he said, ‘Billy, I want to congratulate you. You’ve got tremendous humility.’ I’ve never heard… I mean, what a compliment.”

“To get prominent people like a senator to say that, to me, as a father, that’s one of the greatest compliments in the world. I treasure that. When you hear people say that about your kids is very, very special.”

(I should note that Higgins is technically not a senator but a member of the House of Representatives.)

Canisius players Chris Perez, Jordan Heath and Billy Baron

Fairfield coach Sydney Johnson