NFL Week 11 picks 2012

I was actually glad Reggie Bush said some dumb things about Buffalo women this week. Miami week used to be the rivalry game everybody got up for. It’s been pretty lame the last few years while the both teams have had struggles, but this year was different. Everyone was fired up. People cared about this team and this game.

Winning teams get that all the time. Losing teams struggle to keep fans passionate. An ill-advised radio comment isn’t the same as being on top of the conference, but right now we’ll take what we can get.


Philadelphia (+3½) at Washington — Washington

Green Bay at Detroit (+3½) — Detroit

Arizona (+10) at Atlanta — Atlanta

Tampa Bay at Carolina (+1½) — Tampa

Cleveland (+7½) at Dallas — Cleveland

Jets (+3½) at St. Louis — St. Louis

Indianapolis (+9½) at New England — Indianapolis

Jacksonville (+15½) at Houston — Houston

Cincinnati at Kansas City (+3½) — Bengals

New Orleans at Oakland (+5) — New Orleans

San Diego (+7½) at Denver — Denver

Baltimore (+3½) at Pittsburgh — Baltimore*

Chicago (+3) at San Francisco — San Fran

Standings (best bets):

Skurski 70-61-5 (5-4-1)
DiCesare 68-63-5 (5-5)
Graham 63-68-5 (3-6-1)
Sullivan 62-69-5 (4-5-1)
IAGS 59-72-5 (7-2-1)
Northrop 59-72-5 (3-5-1)
Gaughan 57-74-5 (5-4-1)

Last week

Buffalo (+11) at New England — Pats
Pats 37-31. Loss

Giants at Cincinnati (+4) — Giants
Bengals 31-13. Loss

San Diego (+3) at Tampa Bay — Tampa
Bucs 34-24. Win

Denver at Carolina (+4) — Denver
Broncos 36-14. Win

Tennessee (+6) at Miami — Miami
Titans 37-3. Loss

Oakland (+7½) at Baltimore — Baltimore
Ravens 55-20. Win

Atlanta at New Orleans (+2½)  – Atlanta
Saints 31-27. Loss

Detroit at Minnesota (+2) — Detroit
Vikings 34-24. Loss

Jets (+6½) at Seattle — Jets
Seahawks 28-7. Loss

Dallas at Philadelphia (+1) — Eagles
Cowboys 38-23. Loss

St. Louis (+11) at San Francisco — Rams
Tie 24-24. Win

Houston (+1) at Chicago — Houston
Texans 13-6. Win

Kansas City (+12½) at Pittsburgh — Pittsburgh*
Pittsburgh 16-13. Loss



NFL Week 15 picks

C.J. Spiller goes against an older version of himself this week in Miami's Reggie Bush. Hopefully Spiller will turn out to be a more productive NFL runner.

I wrote earlier this year about how Miami week doesn’t matter anymore. The most telling sign of all is that this year’s home game against the Dolphins won’t even be televised because the team couldn’t sell out the game.

It’s pathetic really, but empty seats may be the only way to get any results from our penny-pinching owner. Even mother nature isn’t acknowledging this rivalry — forecast for kickoff is mostly sunny and above freezing.

I find it hard to pick the Bills to win against anyone right now, but wouldn’t it be typical us to somehow pull out a win in a meaningless game and lose draft position? I guess it’s a lose-lose situation. Such is life when you’re a helpless football team.

There are more interesting games to talk about tomorrow. I’m interested to watch Denver vs. New England. Does Tebow have a shot against the Patriots’ league-worst secondary? I’m using this game as a barometer for him — if anyone can solve a good story and crush it, it’s the Hoodie.

Plus it’s fantasy playoffs week. I have two semifinal games to keep track of and it’s not looking good for either of them. Tony Romo is killing me! (But I did pick the Cowboys to win ahead of time.)

Miami (+2) at Bills

Dallas at Tampa Bay (+7)

Washington (+7) at Giants

Green Bay at Kansas City (+14)
Green Bay

New Orleans at Minnesota (+7)
New Orleans

Seattle (+3 1/2) at Chicago

Carolina (+6 1/2) at Houston

Tennessee at Indianapolis (+6 1/2)

Cincinnati at St. Louis (+6)

Detroit at Oakland (+1)

New England at Denver (+6 1/2)

Jets (+3) at Philadelphia

Cleveland (+7) at Arizona

Baltimore at San Diego (+2 1/2)

Pittsburgh (+3 1/2) at San Francisco
San Francicso


Skurski: 101-93-6
Northrop: 100-94-6
Always Game Seven 100-94-6
Gaughan: 95-99-6
McKissic: 94-100-6
Sullivan: 94-100-6
DiCesare: 91-103-6

Last week:
Bills (+7) at San Diego
Chargers 37-10. Win
Indianapolis (+16 1/2) at Baltimore
Ravens 24-10. Win
Houston (+3) at Cincinnati
Texans 20-19. Win
Oakland (+11) at Green Bay
Green Bay
Pack 46-16. Win
Kansas City (+9) at Jets
Jets 37-10. Win
Minnesota (+10) at Detroit
Lions 34-28. Loss
New Orleans at Tennessee (+3 1/2)
New Orleans
Saints 22-17. Win
Philadelphia (+3) at Miami
Eagles 26-10. Loss
New England at Washington (+8)
New England
Pats 34-27. Loss
Atlanta at Carolina (+2 1/2)
Falcons 31-23. Loss
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville (+2)
Jags 41-14. Win
San Francisco at Arizona (+3 1/2)
San Francisco
Cards 21-19. Loss
Chicago (+3 1/2) at Denver
Denver 13-10. Win
Giants (+3 1/2) at Dallas
Gaints 37-34. Win
St. Louis (+6) at Seattle
Seahawks 30-13. Win

NFL Week 11 picks

The Bills' offense is averaging 9.0 ppg over the last two weeks. Miami is 2-0 over that stretch. Ryan Fitzpatrick just signed a nice big contract...but since he's looked more like a ball boy than an NFL starter.

The Buffalo-Miami rivalry is about as dead as it’s ever been.

Buffalo is in the hunt and the Dolphins are at the bottom of the league. This week should have been about the hurting the Bills are about to lay on their alleged rivals. Instead, it’s been about the goose eggs the Bills laid in back-to-back weeks and the two-game winning streak the ‘Fins have ripped off.

On one hand, it’s good Miami is winning — it might keep Andrew Luck out of the division. On the other hand, this is Miami. We shouldn’t want them to win, ever. This is supposed to be a rivalry.

Rivalry are based on hate. Nobody cares anymore. Indifference doesn’t get our players to go out for blood and it doesn’t get people in Buffalo extra pumped for these two Sundays out of the year. Zero and sixteen. That should be what we want Miami to finish every single year. Dead last.

I don’t know if the Bills have it in them this week. The last two weeks have been terrible and Chan’s offense hasn’t been able to do anything. Maybe this rivalry still exists in South Beach.

Bills (+2 1/2) at Miami

Tennessee (+6) at Atlanta

Cincinnati (+7) at Baltimore

Jacksonville (pick) at Cleveland

Oakland at Minnesota (+1)

Carolina (+7) at Detroit

Tampa Bay (+14) at Green Bay
Green Bay

Dallas at Washington (+7 1/2)

Arizona (+9 1/2) at San Francisco

Seattle (+1 1/2) at St. Louis

San Diego (+3 1/2) at Chicago

Philadelphia (+4 1/2) at Giants

Kansas City (+14 1/2) at New England


Skurski: 72-68-4 (4-6)
Northrop: 70-70-4 (5-4-1)
Game Seven 70-70-4 (4-4-1)
McKissic: 69-71-4 (5-5)
Sullivan: 66-74-4 (5-4-1)
Gaughan: 68-72-4 (4-5-1)
DiCesare: 67-73-4 (5-4-1)

Last week:

Bills (+5.5) over DALLAS
Cowboys 44-7. Loss

Pittsburgh (-3) over CINCINNATI
Steelers 24-17. Win

Denver (+3) over KANSAS CITY
Broncos 17-10. Win

Jacksonville (-3) over INDIANAPOLIS*
Jags 17-3. Win

TAMPA BAY (+3) over Houston
Texans 37-9. Loss

CAROLINA (-3) over Tennessee
Titans 30-3. Loss

Washington (+3.5) over MIAMI
Dolphins 20-9. Loss

New Orleans (pick) over ATLANTA
Saints 26-23. Win

Detroit (+2 1/2) over CHICAGO
Bears 37-17. Loss

CLEVELAND (-2.5) over St. Louis
Rams 13-12. Loss

PHILADELPHIA (-9) over Arizona
Cardinals 21-17. Loss

Baltimore (-6.5) over SEATTLE
Seahawks 22-17. Loss

Giants (+3.5) over SAN FRANCISCO
49ers 27-20. Loss

New England (+1.5) over JETS
Pats 37-16. Win

Minnesota (+13.5) over GREEN BAY
Pack 45-7. Loss



Northrop: 66-59-4 (4-4-1)
Skurski: 66-59-4 (4-5)
Game Seven 68-70-4 (4-4-1)
Gaughan: 62-63-4 (3-5-1)
DiCesare: 62-63-4 (5-2-1)
McKissic: 62-63-4 (5-4)
Sullivan: 59-66-4 (4-4-1)

Jets strength and conditioning coach trips Nolan Carroll?


FOLLOW UP: Sal Alosi has been suspended for the rest of the year and fined $25,000.


Everyone is talking about this, and I finally found a video of the incident. Looks pretty intentional to me.

That’s classless. Don’t be naive, in the world of sports, you certainly want to inflict pain on the other team and let them know what they’re in for if they come back for more, but that’s left to the players, not the coaches.

His name is Sal Alosi. If the Jets don’t fire this guy, I’d suspend him for the rest of the year if I’m the NFL. Maybe give him a fine too, depending on how badly Carroll is injured.

Hopefully this video won’t get taken down. The Bills are at Miami next week, and play at the Jets Week 17.